Sea Games Opening Ceremony to spread fortitude soul for more grounded Southeast Asia Almost 2,000 to perform

31st Sea Games/ 2021 Sea Games
Date : 12 to 23 May, 2022
Venue : Hanoi, Vietnam
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The Opening Ceremony of SEA Games 31 is scheduled for May 12 in Hanoi, promising to present the Vietnamese culture and customs and scatter the occasion’s subject. For a more grounded South East Asia. Nearly 2,000 Hanoi troopers, craftsmen, entertainers, competitors and understudies from 14 workmanship and sports units will take an interest in an exceptional craftsmanship program at the opening and shutting services of the impending 31st Southeast Asian Games, as indicated by coordinators.

My Dinh National Stadium

Individuals from the units have coordinated the exhibition practice as per five gatherings at five areas. The general practice at the My Dinh National Stadium started from May 4. All hardware serving the Opening Ceremony at Sea Games 31 has been introduced at the My Dinh National Stadium and were tried on May 3-4.

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Social characters of Vietnam as well as of other Southeast Asian nations will be highlighted at the extraordinary workmanship program of the initial service. Correspondence exercises and the arrangement of planned operations, the travel industry, clinical, and data innovation serving the territorial game have been prepared, towards advancing Hanoi as an alluring and safe objective.

Likewise, the civil organization has executed plans to guarantee security and wellbeing during the occasion. The Hanoi Youth Union finished the enrollment and preparing of 3,000 workers to serve exercises at contest settings in the city.

Occurring at the My Dinh National Stadium, it will include a three-section craftsmanship program that grandstands an agreeable Vietnam, a solid Southeast Asia, and the fortitude and fellowship of the ASEAN part states toward the structure of the ASEAN Community.

At the 2-hour occasion, Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh will announce the authority opening of the SEA Games 31 after a motorcade of the 11 assignments.

As per Tran Ly, Acting Director of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism’s branch of performing expressions and the head of the initial function, the program will be held at a 7,000m² stage, with the service and celebration parts interweaven. It draws the cooperation of thousands of specialists, entertainers, and understudies.

Five thousand scenes are set to be performed, reflecting striking Vietnamese and Southeast Asian culture. A feature of the occasion will be the component of trend setting innovations, including planning, increased reality – AR, and expanded reality – EX, among others.

Prominently, the presentation of images of 40 games will be as Dong Ho society artistic creations, a conventional art of Vietnam, through realistic pictures.

The noteworthy occasion is supposed to be adjusted with a tempting troupe execution of the Games’ true melody “We should sparkle”, which will assemble famous Vietnamese melodic specialists, the saola mascot, 110 artists, and 250 competitors. The melody by arranger Huy Tuan is about individuals brought into the world with a mission to make progress toward new highest points and abandon hardships on their excursions by enthusiasm and remarkable endeavors, and with help from companions. They together sparkle in the inviting and neighborly environment of host Vietnam.

Since the authority melody was sent off, its sound record, sung in Vietnamese and English by notable craftsmen like Tung Duong, Van Mai Huong, Ho Ngoc Ha, Isaac, and Den Vau, has drawn in an enormous number of audience members on advanced stages, the SEA Games 31 getting sorted out board of trustees said.

20,000 Tickets For Sea Games Opening Ceremony

The 20,000 tickets accessible for the function will be conveyed for nothing as greeting cards instead of sold as tickets. The getting sorted out board of trustees said the tickets will be dispensed to Government and global authorities, unfamiliar international safe havens in Vietnam, as well as fans. They have been saved for seats in Stand An in light of the fact that Stand B will have exhibitions during the service.

Sea Games 31 is planned to authoritatively happen from May 12 to 23 in Hanoi and 11 close by localities, highlighting 40 games.