Indonesian Women’s 3×3 Basketball group has great chemistry for SEA Games

31st Sea Games/ 2021 Sea Games
Date : 12 to 23 May, 2022
Venue : Hanoi, Vietnam
Watch Free : Mediacorp[Singapore], TV Pool[Thailand]
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The Indonesian Women’s 3×3 public ball group has great science for contending in the Vietnam SEA Games, mentor July Wong said. “I’m glad. The competitors never surrender, and consistently hustle play. It was our most memorable preliminary and they attempted the framework and searched for the science between players. From this match, we can assess and develop the science and framework,” the mentor commented here on Wednesday.

2022 ABL 3*3 International Champions Cup in Bali

Wong gave the assertion after the ladies’ 3×3 group’s appearance at the 2022 ABL 3×3 International Champions Cup in Bali last week. As indicated by an articulation from the Board of the Indonesian Basketball Association, the ladies’ 3×3 Basketball public group positioned third in the preliminary competition.

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The outcome was a positive beginning for working on the cohesiveness between players in front of the 2021 SEA Games, which will occur from May 12-23, 2022, Wong said. She made sense of that the preliminary competition has helped track the squad advancement and fortitude. The ladies’ 3×3 group additionally went through incorporated preparing at GOR CLS Surabaya in February 2022, she informed.

Of the four players who took part in the 2022 ABL 3×3 International Champions Cup, Dewa Ayu Made Sriartha alone has had experience playing in the women’s 3×3 Basketball group during the 2019 Philippine SEA Games.

Kimberley Pierre-Louis, Dyah Lestari, and Nathania Orville

In the interim, Kimberley Pierre-Louis, Dyah Lestari, and Nathania Orville played together without precedent for Bali. “We actually need to continue to improve, particularly the shots exactness. A ton of shots were missed. They were not adequately quiet, and experiencing significant change of offense and protection,” Wong said.

Albeit the group has started to show science, Wong said that the ladies’ 3×3 group that played in ABL 3×3 has not been affirmed for the SEA Games. “In this occasion, we just carried four players to see their science. However, we are still in the determination stage and not yet the last,” she added.