31st Southeast Games to be held under severe conventions

31st Sea Games/ 2021 Sea Games
Date : 12 to 23 May, 2022
Venue : Hanoi, Vietnam
Watch Free : Mediacorp[Singapore], TV Pool[Thailand]
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Like in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, competitors who are tried positive for Covid-19 won’t be permitted to contend in the Hanoi Games scheduled from May 12 to 23.

VIETNAM keeps on battling in its fight against Covid-19. As a matter of fact, the nation has kept a normal of 160,000 new cases in the past week. If the circumstance doesn’t change in two months, the 2022 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games will be held under severe conventions, Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) President Abraham “Bambol” Tolentino said.

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“It was likewise reported that main 31 competitors will be permitted to march in the initial service,” added Tolentino at the Philippine Sportswriters Association online gathering on Tuesday.

“Wellbeing conventions are severe, RT-PCR tests will be directed, assuming positive, you will be segregated, you can’t play. You can be traded assuming you tried positive for Covid.”
The SEA Games coordinating council has not chosen at this point assuming that fans are permitted to enter the settings and watch the games.

“Despite the fact that they’re now open, they haven’t chosen at this point assuming they’ll oblige fans. We will find that out the following month,” Tolentino said.

Extreme title protection

With a huge lessening in the quantity of competitors, the Philippines is handling and the expulsion of sports and occasions ideal for Filipinos, Tolentino made sense of that the Philippines will make some intense memories safeguarding its general crown.

“It’s actually an intense errand as half of our competitors are gone and a few games have been taken out by the coordinators,” Tolentino said.

The Philippines will send a designation of 979, including 656 competitors, to Hanoi. During the 2019 Games held in Manila and close by regions, the Philippines handled 1,115 competitors and sacked the general crown subsequent to winning an aggregate of 149 gold awards.

“We should simply trust that our competitors can safeguard their 149 golds,” Tolentino added, who visited the playing scenes and billeting locales in Hanoi only a few days prior.

Hanging tight for Obiena’s affirmation

Tolentino likewise said that the SEA Games coordinators in Hanoi, Vietnam have proactively gotten the country’s true rundown of competitors that included Olympian shaft vaulter Ernest John “EJ” Obiena.

“We’re actually hanging tight for their proper affirmation however his name is now there,” Tolentino said.

With the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association not supporting Obiena for the biennial meet, the POC president chose to remember Obiena for the rundown of competitors for the 31st SEA Games.

Notwithstanding, the SEA Games coordinators in Hanoi have the last say in the event that they will permit Obiena, the world’s fifth positioned post vaulter, to safeguard his 2019 gold award even without the support from his public alliance.

Patafa recently said that it won’t follow up on Obiena’s solicitation for support in significant global competitions forthcoming the fulfillment of intervention process between the public games affiliation (NSA) and the Olympian.

Patafa and Obiena have not been on great conditions for a considerable length of time after the NSA blamed the shaft vaulter for adulterating his liquidation reports and neglecting to pay his Ukrainian mentor Vitaly Petrov on schedule. The intercession interaction started by the Philippine Sports Commission is progressing.