17-year-old Diver Avvir Tham wins Singapore’s most memorable 31st SEA Games decoration with silver

31st Sea Games/ 2021 Sea Games
Date : 12 to 23 May, 2022
Venue : Hanoi, Vietnam
Watch Free : Mediacorp[Singapore], TV Pool[Thailand]
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However, on Monday (May 9), the Games debutant did everything except bomb as he held his nerve to win Singapore’s most memorable decoration of the 31st SEA Games. In some cases things don’t go right when you are jumping and it’s simply a failure,” the effervescent youth made sense of. “In plunging, it isn’t simply tears or well executed jumps. Individuals like to see the opposite side of things.”

At the Aquatics Sports Palace in Hanoi, Vietnam, Tham, 17, secured silver in the men’s 1m springboard finals with a score of 286.40. After six jumps, Malaysia’s reigning champ Ooi Tze Liang took gold with a score of 377.70.

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Coordinators at first blazed an absolute score of 266.30 for Malaysia’s Bertrand Rhodict Anak Lises, putting him behind Thailand’s Chawanwat Juntaphadawon for the bronze decoration. Juntaphadawon wrapped up with a score of 281.45. However, an authority count after the occasion showed that the Malaysian scored 284.90, with the principal plunge scoring 43.20 rather than 27.90. Rhodict brought back home the bronze decoration.


While this was Tham’s most memorable Games, he said he had been expecting to get an award. “I think everyone hopes to remain on the platform when they contend in their occasions,” he said. A devoted client of Tiktok, the effervescent Tham expressed a large number of his virtual entertainment adherents had sent him messages of support which prodded him on during the opposition.

“I read those messages that individuals sent me. That truly gave me the boldness there’s such countless individuals backing me up and this permitted me to give a valiant effort,” he added.

Tham is now anticipating the rivalries to come.

“I’m certainly anticipating Olympics 2024. Presently, there have been a ton of contests pushed back, similar to Asian Games this year, and the World Uni Games,” he said.

“I’ll simply attempt to update my jump trouble and move along forward, and to win in front of the rest of the competition at the following SEA Games.”

At the 2019 Games, Singapore took bronze in the occasion politeness of jumper Mark Lee, who has since resigned.

Later in the day, Fong Kay Yian and Ashlee Tan completed third in the ladies’ 3m synchronized springboard finals. As just three sets of jumpers contended in the occasion, no bronze decoration was granted to the pair.